The Depths of Arrowhead Lake

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Bandit Search
I'll have the 'Bandit Surpise' please.

Amina and her new found ally, Midori, gather information about some bandits in the area. They purchase a magic ‘knot’ and join up with Maude to find and destroy the bandits.

Maude and Amina travel to a small town

Maude joins up with her followers of Istir. Amina’s old acquaintance, Theo, is murdered in the center of town.

The Paladin of Istir and dirty, dungeon doings

Amina and Maude travel through the forest of Splintertree. They kill a knight in black armor but his squire escapes. They trek through an ancient building full of disturbing creatures.

The Beastly Fire
All alone in the wilderness

Amina ignores possible danger in the forest and happens upon a small outpost, Spinwhistle. Amina meets Theo, a shady young man, Rezlyn, a quiet wizard, and the solitary ‘Goblin Slayer’. She also befriends the halfling owner, Milo.


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